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[Polen]Position switches LK

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Position (limit) switches are controlled by suitable driving element. Position and speed of mobile contacts movement and time of switching them over depend on position and traveling speed of steering element that operate on pusher with a proper force, causing shorting-circuit or opening outof appropriate switch contacts. Set of mobile contacts is unstable, which means that after discontinuing of force operating on pusher, the mobile contacts return to initial position automatically. Limit switches are designed to be used in the automated driving systems, control circuits, inspection and measurement systems of alternating and direct current.


In limit switches type LK-1 and LK-2 without casing, there are mobile contacts 1NO (make contact) and 1NC (break contact) inside the body made of plastic.
The connecting terminals of these switches enable the connection of wires which cross-sections are 1,5 ... 4,0mm2 for single-wires or 1,0 ... 2,5mm2 for multi-wires.
In limit switches type LK-10 and LK-20, the mobile contacts 1NO(make contact)+1NC(break contact) and the body are located inside the metal casing, that assures protection degree IP56. The connecting terminals of these switches enable the connection of wires witch cross-sections are 1,5...4,0mm2 for single-wires or 1,0...2,5mm2 for multi-wires.
Switches are equipped with additional protective contact, which is located inside the metal casing.


Switches type LK-1 and LK-2 are assembled to the basis by four screws type M4. Switches type LK-10 and LK-20 are assembled to the basis by two screws type M4.


Rated insulation voltage Ui: 500V
Rated switching voltage Ue: 500V AC 220V DC
Rated continuous current Iu: 16A
Rated switching currents Ie:
AC 15 - Ue 500V 4A
DC 13 - Ue 220V 0,5A
Mechanical life (cycles): 3x10^6
Rated switching frequency per hour: 300
Ambient temperature [C]: -25 ... +40


Switches type LK are adapted to work in surroundings free of electrically conducting, flammable, explosive or chemically active gas and vapours.
Height of installation up to 2000 m above sea level.
Working posipion - any.
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