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Ruukki Polska Sp. z o.o.

[Polen] Load-bearing profiles

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Load-bearing profiles are used for both insulated and non-insulated roof structures as well as in base and intermediate floors of buildings. The range of load-bearing profiles covering span widths from 2 to 9m is one of the widest in the market area. For short span widths, all profiles can be used. The decisive factor when choosing the type of profile is generally economic, i.e., it is most economic to choose the lightest sheet that can carry the load required. There is a dimensioning manual available for you, and in more complicated cases, Ruukki's technical advising with its computer-based dimensioning programs is ready to help you.
Web perforated load-bearing sheets

Web perforated load-bearing sheets are used in insulated sound absorbing ceilings. The hole size used is ø 3 mm. The area of holes represents 15% of the perforated area.

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