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Foshan Songin Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd

[China] sell the glass mosaic

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We are a factory of glass mosaic in china.Since we built in 1995,we have been in this field for many years.We have experience in making different kind of mosaic.We also welcome OEM.
If you are interested in our products,please browse our website or contact us directly.
You can buy the good quality in good price.
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Katalog/Branche: Bauwesen -> Baustoffe -> Glas- und Porzellanwaren


Foshan Songin Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd

Straße:Xiebian Industrial Area
Telefon: +86 757 85575271
Fax: +86 757 85575271


Name und Vorname: Crystal Lin
Telefon: +86 757 85575271
Handy: +86 13433288478
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