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STOP-PTAK Maciej Rudnicki

[Polen]Stop-Ptak 101

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Universal wide, for ledges and sills,
wide cornices, wide verge trims
canopies, wooden beams,
air conditioners and alarm devices, etc.

Material: polycarbonate and acid-resistant steel
Length: 340 mm (3 pieces/1m)
Width protected: 120 mm
Max. protected area: 190 mm
Height: 105 mm
Number of spikes: 26 (78/1m)
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:101
Place of origin:Wrocław
Price:18 PLN
Price Terms:netto
Packing:Kartony, europalety
Minimum order:1 mb
Quality/Certifications:Deklaracja producenta


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STOP-PTAK Maciej Rudnicki

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Name und Vorname: Maciej Rudnicki
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