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[Polen]Metal deactivator

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Polmast MD PM 30050-MD is an additive used to deactivate metals, which are highly active catalysts in polyolefin decomposition.

The presence of ions of Fe, Co, Mn, Cu, Ce and other metals from the transient groups within insulated conductors speeds up the process of hydrogen peroxide decomposition, thereby also increasing the total speed of polyolefin oxidation while by causing a reduction of the long-term thermal resistance indicator by even 55%.

The stabilization of polyolefins used as insulators in telecom and power lines with copper-made conductive cores, requiring special stabilization with help of the so-called metal deactivators. These special stabilizers make up stable complexes with ions of metals, thereby protecting the insulating polymer from degradation.

The benefits of application:
* Extender thermal resistance of cable insulation
* Convenience of using the granulate form
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