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Kite Sports Goods Co., Ltd

[China] T-shirt lacoste polo edhardy af bape coogi lrg roca wear d&g gino green gucci Christian Audigier

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We can produce various athletic shoes and clothing, mainly clothing t-shirt shirt jeans short pants skirt jacket hoodies jersey swimwear underwear sex lingerie nightwear children’s clothes etc. For good quality of our products, we brought in the best production equipments, technologies, and professionals from abroad. All the products are packed in original boxes with retro cards, and the tags and style code number are 100% correct.
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Katalog/Branche: Textilbekleidung & Mode -> Odzież, Obuwie -> T-Shirts


Kite Sports Goods Co., Ltd

Telefon: +86 0595 31268700
Fax: +86 0595 31668909


Name und Vorname: Heinz Yu
Telefon: +86 0595 31268700
Handy: +86 32668909
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