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[Polen]Creasing and perforating machine

- creasing covers, albums, invitation; - make perforating line paper and carton; - press together calendar bars[...]


[Polen]Stitching machine

Stitching machine is modern, multihead, efficient. It could work in heading version 1-4 with distance between heads 56-400 mm. It realizes stitching copy-book standard staple or with eye and blocj stitching to 60 pieces of paper. By using special stitching head to 96 pieces of paper. This machine has flat close staple.[...]


[Polen]Presse für trockene Stempel

Haben Sie Fragen oder suchen Sie nach bestimmten Informationen? Wir helfen Ihnen gerne weiter. Wenn Sie möchten, können Sie uns auch von hier direkt eine Email senden.[...]

Der zuverlässige PartnerEurofirma


[Polen]Creasing Machine

Production of the die-cutters for self-adhesive materials. Use: semi-cutting of the self-adhesive foil, self-adhesive paper along straight lines. Every tool is equipped with mechanism of precise control. More information on website www.firma2000.one.pl[...]


[Polen]Rotary Creasing Machine

Firma'2000 www.firma2000.one.pl e-mail: firma2000@op.pl Rotary Creasing Machine type SM500 is designed to crease (bend) paper, cardboard and other materials in the form of sheets. It is used in bookbinding and printing industry. Working elements – rings – are placed on two rotary rollers. It can be used in digital and offset printing houses and and off-set as well, to prepare printouts for the folding process in order to avoid cracking. Additional equipment allows to bend copybook covers[...]


[China]LCGS-A4 Digital Flatbed Printer

Six colours, 1440dpi resolution, Professional and high quality printing, can print on various materials.[...]


[China]750 indoor printer

a Chinese made 1.52m wide, 600 dpi, 4 colour indoor printer (similar to Encad 750) for just US$1200.00, FOB, Shanghai. If you need a serious, cheap and good printer, this is it.[...]


[China]Heat press

This american type pyrograph making equipment is the specialized equipment for transferring various heat transference calico paper. It is mainly used to pyrograph, transfer, iron out, heat treat the cloth, and increase fastness between printing paste, frothing paste and cloth. Large-sized heat transference machine is also suitable for heat sublimation transference of team wear, knitted sweater, umbrella, ceramics, glass and metal plate, as well as some elaborate products personally processed. 50-Degree[...]


[China]CTP Plate Processor

۰Exquisite Design and Enduring Duralumin Material Built with highly acid-resistant duralumin materials and PVC tank inside, McLantis processor is designed with long operation life. ۰Precise Electronic Controls Equipped with Precise Siemens PLC control, McLantis processors operate the develop-wash-gum-dry process smoothly without any letup. ۰Easy Operation and Maintenance McLantis processors can be connected to most thermal CTP brands and operates online or offline. Suitable for[...]


[Polen]Infrared lamps

HALZET Company was established in 1991 as a result of ownership transformation of Electrical Lamps Manufacture Plant (ZWLE). However the beginning of ZWLE Company dates back to the year 1948. In the ZWLE Company Halzet was a department engaged in the production of halogen light sources. After break-up of ZWLE which came in 1991, three independent companies came into being, one being HALZET Company. Currently we are the only Polish manufacturer of specialised halogen bulbs as well as infrared[...]