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Eurofirma FAAS Trading Co. more

Land: Polen
Region: Kujawen und Pommern
Ort: Bydgoszcz
Straße: Łęczycka 1
Telefon: +48 507 507427377
Fax: +48 52 5610636
Firm Rank: star
FAAS Trading Co is an trading company, which is active in domestic and foreign markets since 1997, offers complete services within the range of projects of industrial utility systems. The company offer includes, amongst other, preparation of technical documentation, drawings, price offer. We kindly invite to visit our web sites: www.certyfikacja-ru.pl www.faas-trading.eu also.. We do offer our Services in Professional Certification as Russian Authority Office Representative, Ukrainian Authority[...]

Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcji Strunobetonowych Żerdzi Wirowanych WIRBET S.A. more [Englisch] [Deutsch]

Land: Polen
Region: Großpolen
Ort: Ostrów Wlkp.
Straße: Chłapowskiego 51
Telefon: +48 62 5924144
Fax: +48 62 5924144
Firm Rank: 0
GESCHÄFTSGEGENSTAND Die Gesellschaft "WIRBET", die ihre Geschäftstätigkeit im Jahre 1992 aufgenommen hat, beschäftigt sich mit der Produktion von teilweise verdichteten Pfählen aus Stahlsaitenbeton. Zwei Produktionslinien sind an die Herstellung eines breiten Produktsortiments an Pfählen angepasst: Elektroenergiemasten vom Typ E, Elektroenergiemasten für Freiluft-Kabelleitungen vom Typ Ek, Beleuchtungsmasten der Typen EO und EOC; Traktions- und Beleuchtungsmasten vom Typ ETO, Masten[...]

BELOS-PLP S.A. more [Englisch] [Deutsch]

Land: Polen
Region: Schlesien
Ort: Bielsko-Biała
Straße: Gen. J. Kustronia
Telefon: +48 33 8145021
Fax: +48 33 8141352
Firm Rank: 0
BELOS-PLP S.A. TRADITION - Die vieljährige Anwesenheit auf dem Markt – wir sind in der Elektroenergiebranche seit über 50 Jahren QUALITÄT - das integrierte Zertifikat ISO 9001, ISO 14001 - die Zustimmungsdeklaration, die die Erfüllung der vorausgesetzten Normen bestätigt - der polnische Qualitätspreisträger 2006 KOMPLEXITÄT - das breite Sortimentangebot (etwa 2500 Waren), das folgendes enthält: I. Netzzubehör zu den Freileitungselektroenergielinien: - Zubehör zu[...]

Changzhou Wuchuang Electronic Co.,Ltd more

Land: China
Region: China
Ort: Changzhou City
Straße: Room 607, Building No.5, Xixin Bridge,Huijin Plaza,Changzhou City ,Jiangsu Province,China.
Telefon: +86 519 6806889
Fax: +86 519 6806589
Firm Rank: 0
Our company is a professional manufacture of solar water heater and the accessories .Contains : flat panel heat collector , intelligent control ,work station system ,evacuated heatpipe collector ,super conductional heatpipe collector ,water storage tank,etc. All of our products have CE certification ,and win praise from our customers. Our major market is in Europe, besides ,Korea, Pakistan,India,United States,etc.We can also provide the goods customized for you . We think a lot of the quality[...]

Spółdzielnia BIELSIN more

Land: Polen
Region: Schlesien
Ort: Bielsko - Biała
Straße: Strażacka 35
Telefon: +48 33 4966671
Fax: +48 33 8183851
Firm Rank: 0
Cooperative BIELSIN® - was establed in 1981 in Bielsko Biala as independent undertaking and since over 20 years make succesfully bussines on domestic and international markets. Bielsin is a producer of high quality products from plastic for automotive industry (Inside door handle, Windscreen washer, Rear window washer). Our customers are leading manufacturers of automobiles in Poland. We have capacity in the range of plastics processing by means of injection moulding machines Arburg and Ponar as[...]

Kuong U Science and Technology (Group).Ltd more

Land: China
Region: China
Ort: Zhuhai
Straße: No.1 Pingbei 2nd Road,Nanping Science and Technology Industrial Park
Telefon: +86 0756 8911235
Fax: +86 0756 8911355
Firm Rank: 0
Kuong U Science and Technology(Group)Ltd devotes to solar power,manufacturing,marketing and service of high efficiency solar PV modules,PV products which have been recognized by a lot of countries such as EU,North America and Asia. With many exports,egineers have been devoting themselves in solar power researches such as silicon cells,solar modules and PV on-grid,off-grid system and so on. KUST solar power produces many series products,such as PV modules,solar lights for road,solar LED for garden,on-grid[...]

Shaanxi Saame Import & Export Co., Ltd. more

Land: China
Region: China
Ort: Xi'an
Straße: 99 Cheng Le Zhong Road
Telefon: +86 29 83232653
Fax: +86 29 83247114
Firm Rank: 0
SHAANXI SAAME IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTD. (SAAME) is one of the biggest professional international trade companies in China. Started its business of vessels in 1996, SAAME has already exported continuously the 8030/10300DWT RO/RO vessels, 37300DWT production and chemical tankers to Britain, Sweden, Germany and France, and now two of 80300 DWT cargo vessels are under building for Croatia. With the experience of 10 years co-operation, SAAME has established reliable relationship with buyers, Chinese[...]

Blaze Holding Limited more

Land: China
Region: China
Ort: Huzhou
Straße: No.818 Mingzhu RD
Telefon: +86 572 6267926
Fax: +86 572 6228820
Firm Rank: 0
We are a company which didicated ourself into solar business in the purpose of helping creating a green planet. Our major products include solar street lights, solar home system, solar mobile chargers, CRee LED street lights. and other solar products. Contact us for further discussion if you are interested![...]