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Spółdzielnia Niewidomych PROMET

[Polen]Smoke vent button PD

The II PD type manual smoke vent button is intended for the controlling of smoke dampers, providing a simultaneous local 1- or 3-LED light signalling, depending on design. In the case of a 1-LED signalling, activating the button makes the LED flash red, while pressing the button on a 3-LED signalling system makes the LEDs emit continuous light and indicate the following: detection (green), failure (yellow), and activation (red). The button is equipped with passive electronic components. The[...]


[Polen]Fire alarm BOX ROP

ROP-A is a manual fire alarm box type A, directly activated. As regards electric circuit it may be classified as a simple switch equipped with the electric passive elements working in the circuit of signalling alarm status. In the version with signalling, after breaking glass, an alarm status is signaled by shining of diode LED. Contact block includes two contacts: normally closed (Y) and normally opened (X) or two contacts normally closed (Y). Contact Y is opened in the supervising status and[...]