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[China]DTMF Online Alarm System

Detailed Product Description 1.It utilized DTMF network, the alarm information can be sent to the normal phone, or to the alarm management center, to realize the telephone online alarm function. 2. It has 4-zone wired armed areas, and each of the armed area has DC12V power to support the detectors and also it provides the short circuit protect function and alarm function. 3. It provides 4-zone wireless armed areas, and the wireless detectors can be used after being registered. 4. Each armed[...]


[China]Alarm System / Surveillance Products

We supply 4 wired + 4 wireless zone alarm system (Alarm Host Unit) with other accessories, e.g. wireless/wired PIR Motion Sensor, wireless/wired Door Magnetic, Vibration Sensor, Emergency button, Wireless Remote Control, Alarm Horn, Alarm Light... in one simple package. If you are interested in a distributor/dealership, please feel free to contact us![...]


[China]Home Security Products

We are a manufacturer and distributor of Home Security products, such as Fingerprint Door Lock, Alarm Host Unit, wireless/wired Motion Sensor, wireless/wired Door Magnetic, Vibration Sensor, Emergency button, Wireless Remote Control, Alarm Horn, Alarm Light.... For more info, please visit our website or send us an email. Thanks for your attention.[...]


[China]Cell Phone Jammer SK-16A Portable $23

Features of Sk-16A Portable Cell Phone Jammer 1 Coolest and lowest price jammer on the market. 2 Portable, Small, Compact and Robust. 3 Battery or Mains compatible. T4 o keep you away from noise or disturbance of unexpected cell phone calls or text messages (SMS) 5 World wide compatible. 6 To jammer cell phone communication links within an effective area. 7 No transmissions or receptions of cellular phone calls in coverage area. 8 All specified frequency bands will be blocked simultaneously.[...]



 Video Input(s): 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 Cams  Audio Input(s): 1 channel  Recording Rate: 30 fps (NTSC), 25fps (PAL).  Display Rate: 30 fps (NTSC), 25fps (PAL).  Video Resolution: 320x240, 640x240, 640x480, 640x480sw  Compression Format: Wavelet, MPEG-4, GeoMPEG[...]


[Taiwan]EZ Wireless Alarm System

Features : No monthly fees,3 easy installsteps, phone remote control 1) wireless easy to use: No messy and expensive wiring is required to install the system. 2) expandability: You can add different kinds of accessories(up to 48 pcs) to the system to create a more complex system as your future needs may require. 3) flexibility: You can choose the kinds of sensors and response actions for the system. 4)personalized: Program the system to notify whoever you choose in the case of alarm[...]


[Israel]RTD-804 family

The D.E.S.K. GPRS Channel features: * Supervised Two-way Wireless communication. * No range limit. Operating from everywhere with GSM/GPRS coverage. * Very fast Event transmission: 2-5 seconds for Event Transmission + Acknowledge from the Central Alarm Monitoring Station (CAMS) - comparable to 2-way Long Range Radio transmission. Much better that One-way Radio (for multiple messages) and Tel. Channel transmission speeds. * All GPRS End Units are fully supervised. Supervision signal interval can[...]


[Israel]Video intelligence system

The Aspectus VI-System™ is a video intelligence system for large-scale video surveillance networks, based on Aspectus' patented IPoIP™ (Image Processing over IP) technology. The system includes platform components and specific algorithms called Detectors. Following are the main system components. The VI-Agent™ is a software module that performs the raw processing of images as seen by each camera in the field prior to any image compression. This process is called the "feature extraction."[...]


[China]EM Library Desensitizer, Resensitizer and Verifier

VK-EM-3631 Series EM Desensitizer, Resensitizer and Verifier Voltage: 220V (±10%)/110V (±10%); 50Hz/60Hz, Standby Power: 100mW Deactivating/Reactivating Power: 250W Compatibility :3M, Checkpoint Meto, Dialoc strips Max Detecting Height ≤100mm Manual or Automatic Operation EM-3631S: Stand-alone mode EM-3631B: is used to connect to a barcode scanner EM-3631C: is used to connect to a computer that has library management/circulation software installed. EM-3631B and EM-3631C have[...]


[China]DVD/CD Overlay with 2 EM Security Strips

DVD/CD Overlay with 2 EM Security Strips Allows circulating CDs & single sided DVDs Similar as 3M Tattle-Tape Security Strips DCD-2 Protects the CD surface from scratches or damage Compatible with 3M, Gateway, Dialoc or other EM systems Desensitize and resensitize with the same accessories as books Allows placement of your barcode and protects it under lower portion of overlay Accepted Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Paypal[...]