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[China]ICODE Labels, Suitable for Library System, Parcel Identification and Health Care Applications

The ICODESLIIC is the first member of a smart label ICs based on the ISO15693 Features: 1024-bit, organized in 32 blocks of 4 byte each Operating distance: up to 1.5 (depending on antenna geometry) Operating frequency: 13.56MHz Write endurance 100,000 times True anti-collision Applications: Library system, baggage and parcel identification, supply chain management and health care Customization support: Available with various size: 85.6 x 54, 67 x 39, 38 x 38, 45 x 28, 82 x 23, 30 x 30[...]


[China]Clamshell Cards, Most Cost Efficient Choice for ID Access Control

Clamshell cards with ABS material is reliable and cost efficient choice for access control Resistance for many time use, you could use with adhesive sticker on to carry info and also the hole on top is easy for us to attached by lanyards Features: Size: 86 x 54mm Thickness: 1.8mm Chip: 125kHz EM4100 or EM4102 or GK4001, T5557, Hitag2 and UHF Options: no numbering, no sequential numbering and relative sequential numbering Application: Access control management, time attendance, events, ID[...]


[China]EM Cards, Read Only Proximity Type on 125kHz for Auto ID Applications

EM4100/EM4102 is read only type on 125kHz, was developed by Switzerland company The previously name was H4100/H4102 Features: 64-bit memory array laser programmable Operating frequency: 100 to 150kHz On-chip voltage limiter Applications: Logistics automation, anti-counterfeiting, access control and industrial transponder Customization support: Made in ISO card Dimensions of CR80: 86 x 54 x 0.82mm Be available with offset printing, silkscreen printing, metallic or silver background, photo[...]


[China]PVC Disc Tag, Available with Silk-screen Printing, Laser Logo, Adhesive on Material for Tracking

The PVC disc tag is laminated with white PVC, self-adhesive layer, and ferrite anti-metal layer are optional for extensive use Key Features: Dimensions: dia 17, 18, 20, 25, 30mm Thickness: 1.5mm Housing: PVC, lamination Operating temperature: -20 to +60 degrees Celsius Optional ICs: Mifare series ISO14443A I CODE SLI, ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3 Unique 125kHz EM4102/4100 Unique 125kHz GK4001 Atmel T5557 Applications: Property tracking Process control and factory automation Item[...]


[China]T5567 PVC Card, Upgraded Based on Atmel5557, Read/Write Type on 125kHz for Vendor Systems

The T5557 is a contactless R/W identification IC for applications in 125kHz frequency range It was already upgraded into T5567 Features: Contactless read/write data transmission Operating frequency: 100 to 150kHz Small size and configurable for ISO11784/785 compatibility 330-bit memory Applications: vendor system, payment management and parking Customization support: Made in ISO card Dimensions of CR80: 86 x 54 x 0.82mm Be available with offset printing, silkscreen printing, metallic[...]


[China]Proximity Readers, Contactless EM Card, Applied in Access Control

This model is one kind of contactless EM card, applied in bank, tax, stock and post Reading and transmitting EM card information This product has integrated EM card coding and data transmitting Due to different applications, it will code the internal information of card into the digital information which could be received by host, has keyboard or RS232 series port or USB connection Key features: Power: from the PC and no external battery needed LED indicate and buzzer to identify the reading[...]


[China]125KHz middle range reader

1. General Description: RF-101 middle range reader apply the advanced RFID circuit board design and inserting decline controller with highly effective decoding algorithm. Incepting the 64bits read-only u.E.M 4100 or TK4100 compatible ID card. Highly long range incept sensitivity, Low operating current, single direct current power supply. Application in the car park management system, attendance, anti-theft , etc, long distance RFID system. 2. Characteristics:  Operate Frequency 125KHz with[...]


[China]Mifare 4K RFID, S70 Belongs to 13.56MHz Read/Write Type, Used in Public Transport

Philips has developed MF1 IC S70 to be used in contactless smart card according to ISO/IEC 14443A With 4KB memory, the contactless cards can contains a lot of useful information to read and write data Features: 4KB organized in 32 sectors with four blocks and 8 sectors with 16 blocks Operating distance: up to 10cm (depending on antenna geometry) Operating frequency: 13.56MHz Write endurance 100,000 times True anti-collision Applications: Public transportation, event ticketing, gaming, identity[...]


[China]ABS Keychains, Suitable for Access Control and Security

ABS keychain tag is made of durable ABS material, is available with water-resistant Various popular modes and colors are available Key features: Some are RoHS certificated Housing: ABS, polycarbonate(PC) and ultrasonic plastic welding Chip options: Mifare series ISO14443A SLI ISO 15693/ISO 18000-3 Unique 125kHz EM4102/4100 Unique 125kHz GK4001 Atmel T5557 Other chips available upon request and quantity of order Application: Access control and security Time attendance Ticket[...]


[Taiwan]FE-031 Fingerprint Time/ Attendance Recorder

Features: 1. Simple yet dignified apperance. 2. 1 minute convenient data sharing simply by using a USB disk. 3. Storage of 1000 registered fingerprints. 100,000 attendance records. 4. Each user can register up to 10 fingerprints. 5. Support online software to receive data. 6. Data saving without being connected to a computer. 7. Standard communication: TCP/IP, USB cable, USB disk. 8. Built-in high capacity Lithium battery backup. 9. Simple Access Control Fucntion.[...]