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[Polen]Beleuchtung, Lamp, Replik Lampen,Antik Lampen,Moderne Lampen

Unsere Lampen schmücken nicht nur die Kutschen auf verschiedenen Kontinenten sondern auch Biergarten der LECH Brauereien und der modernsten Hotels. Wir sind imstande, die Kerzen-, Petroleum- und elektrische Lampen für Sie auszuführen, nach der beauftragten Dokumentation.[...]

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[China]LED floodlight HL-FL-150W

HL-FL-150W can save 50% - 70% electricity cost comparing with high pressure sodium lamp. The lifespan is 2-4 times than high pressure sodium lamp. The power factor is over 0.9 and Ra is more than 80. Main Features 1. LED Sources: High Power LEDs (Upgradable to Cree® XRE® LEDs); Other LEDs are available for your option. 2. Efficiency: 100lm/w 3. Work Voltage: AC(85V-265V)/(50~60Hz)DC(12~24V) 4. Power factor(PF):>0.9 5. Fixture Efficiency: >90% 6.Beam angle:15°, 25°,30°,45°,60°,100° 7.[...]


[China]High Power LEDs HL-SL-96W

TECH SPECS: LED Chip: High Power LEDs (Upgradable to Cree® XRE® LEDs) Brightness: 9900Lumens Beam Angle: Horizontal axis: 110° Vertical axis: 30° Light Color: Cool White: 5000K-7000K Neutral White: 3000-4000K Luminous efficacy (lm/W): 100lm/w Life Span: 50000 hours Light Projecting Distance: Height=6m: 20m x 8m Height=8m: 26m x 10m Height=10m: 33m x 13m Height=12m: 40m x 16m Power Consumption: Total: 96Watt LEDs: 82Watt Power supply: 14Watt Voltage: Universal: 85~264VAC (47~63Hz) High[...]


[China]Flexible LED strip light SMD 5050 LED Ribbon

Product Name: LEDENET-5050W30G-12D Model: LEDENET-S-022 LED Chip: SMD 5050 Color: White LED Qty: 30LEDs/m PCB Color: Yellow/White/Black Size: 5000x10mm Voltage: DC12V/24V Certificate: CE & RoHS One years Warranty Features Color: red, green, blue, white, warm white, yellow Continuous length flexible led strips 5m/reel, cuttable every 3 LEDs Runs on 12V systems Super bright top LED Solid state, high shock or vibration-resistant Major reduction in power costs 120 degrees beam[...]


[China]T5 in T8

1. Super long lifespan High efficiency eletronic ballast design, matching high quality high light effect tri-phosphor Fluorescent Powder, Luminous up to 95 LM/W. 2. Quick & easy installation Replace Pyllms light energy saving tubes, no need replace fixtures, change circuitry, only take out starter, and install Pyllms energy saving lamps, and enjoy energy saving up to 50%, quick, easy, save money. Install Pyllms energy saving tubes, the fixtures no need for the ballast, starter, and install[...]


[China]led street light power

Part No. LHP100-S36-01 Input Input voltage range AC90V~264V Input freq range 47Hz ~63 Hz Input current 1.5A (RMS) max for 110Vac at max load 0.75A (RMS) max for 220Vac at max load Output Output voltage 36Vdc Output Voltage range 24~36Vdc Rated current 1.67A 2.8A 3.4A Rated power 60W 100W 120W Power factor >0.96 at full load 110Vac or 220Vac. Efficiency >88%[...]


[China]LED Hurricane Lantern,Battery Hurricane Lantern

Providing LED hurricane lanterns,kerosene lanterns,kerosene lamps,pressure lanterns,gas lanterns,gas mantles,patio torches,candle lanterns,white candles,tealight candles,kerosene stoves,kerosene heaters,electric hot plates,charcoal irons. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 235 LED Hurricane Lantern,Battery Hurricane Lantern 245mm High; 12/15/16 LED Bulbs; 2D Battery Operated; Press/Dimmer Switch; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [...]


[China]Charcoal Irons

Providing charcoal irons,kerosene stoves,kerosene heaters,enamel teapots,enamel kettles,enamel stock pots,enamel ice bowls,enamel frypans,enamel buckets,hurricane lanterns,kerosene lanterns,kerosene lamps,pressure lanterns and white candles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 752 Charcoal Irons COCK BRAND,DOUBLE RHOMB BRAND; 2.1KGS, 2.3KGS, 2.5KGS, 2.7KGS; Packing: 1PC/BOX, 6PCS/CTN; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 701[...]


[China]Kerosene Stove

Providing kerosene stoves,kerosene heaters,charcoal irons,hurricane lanterns,kerosene lanterns,kerosene lamps,pressure lanterns,white candles,kerosene stove wicks,enamel teapots,enamel kettles,enamel stock pots,enamel ice bowls,enamel frypans,enamel buckets. ------------------------------------------------------------------ 62 Kerosene Stove FIRE WHEEL brand;BIG WHEEL brand Enamelled Finishes; 8-wick; Size: 20.5 x 20.5 x 23cm; Capacity of Oil: 1.25L; Consumption per hour:[...]


[China]Kerosene Lantern,Hurricane Lantern

Providing kerosene lamps,hurricane lanterns,kerosene lanterns,pressure lanterns,gas lanterns,gas mantles,patio torches,candle lanterns,white candles,tealight candles,lamp/lantern wicks,lantern/lamp burners, lantern globes and lamp chimneys. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 245 Hurricane Lantern,Kerosene Lantern Height: 190MM; Burning Time: 10HR; Capacity: 150GM; Packing: 5DZS/CTN; G.W/N.W: 19/16KGS; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [...]