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[Türkei]Miracle Towels

Approximately four years ago, by twisting PVA with cotton, towel was made called as Micro cotton. Even the product had many advantages like high absorbency, softness and appearance as higher gram weight, customer satisfaction because of durability of the product was missing. Being very attractive to the purchaser at the shelf of stores, micro cotton towel brought high sales values. However, after washing, the appearance of the towel lost its attractiveness, as well as its absorbency and softness.[...]


[Türkei]Bio Towels

Organic at Baykent • Organic Towel Production is not an easy process. It necessitates great attention from collecting the cotton in the farm until packaging the towel in the factory. • Skal, with its EKO Label, is an internationally recognized Dutch body certifying organic produce, which has been controlled through the entire production cycle. • Our yarn suppliers are producing in accordance with USDA/NOP standards, which are necessary for importing organic products to the Unites States[...]


[Türkei]Marcio Towels

Baykent Design Marcio Towels, 700 gr/m2. 8 % polyster, 92 % cotton[...]


[Indien]Polar Fleece Blanket

Blanket comes with a smooth & soft finish. The product is of better quality than the normal polar fleece fabric available in the market. This is because we use micro yarn in combination with polyster yarn which gives the blanket a life-long soft feel. Yarn: -polyester 150 danier, texturise(30%) polyester 150 danier, micro (70%) Size: - 58 inch - width 88 inch - length Colours: -about 19 colors available currently Weight: - 750 gms to 815 gms per piece Packing: -single piece[...]


[China]AA Grade bare spandex yarn from 20D to 1120D

Available Products Specs: 20D (22dtex),30D (33dtex), 40D (44dtex), 70D (77dtex),140D (156dtex), 210D (233dtex), 280D(310dtex), 420D(466dtex), 560D (620dtex), 840D (930dtex) and 1120D (1240dtex). Semi-dull Bright. Certificate: ISO 9001:2000 International Quality System - SGS certificate. Special Offers: 140D and 210D with very competitive prices. We have the largest production capacity for the two counts. Applications: circular knitting, covering, lace, belt or bandage, socks, diaper[...]


[China]SMS nonwoven

PP SMS nonwoven Specification: 23gsm to 100gsm 320cm width (maximum) Application: Industrial and medical protective clothes Sanitary and healthy items.[...]


[China]Meltblown nonwoven

PP meltblown nonwoven Specification: 6gsm to 400gsm 320cm width (maximum) Application: Protective media Absorbent media Thermal insulation media[...]


[China]PP spunbonded nonwoven

PP Spunbonded Nonwoven Specification: 10gsm to 260gsm 320cm width (maximum) different colors available Application: medical and sanitary items, packing and lining material, agriculture purpose, etc.[...]


[Taiwan]Metallic Yarn

Maw Chawg Enterprise Co. LTD can provide you supported metallic yarn. 12 micron, 15 micron, 1/100", 1/69" metallic covered with Nylon, Polyester, Viscose, Rayon, etc. For socks, fabric, embroidery use. PLease feel free to let us know the specification and usage that you need and we can provide you quotation for evaluation. Thank you. All of our yarn is good quality and made in Taiwan.[...]


[Taiwan]Spandex Covered Yarn

Maw Chawg Co. can provide you good quality covered yarn from Taiwan. Spandex (or Lycra) covered with Nylon or Polyester. For sock, narrow fabric or fabric use, etc. Please feel free to let us know the specification you need and usage of the yarn, and then we can provide you quotation for evalutaion. All of our yarn is good quality and made in Taiwan.[...]