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[Grossbritannien]Pierce & Raise

On line pierce and raise is the punching and raising of a lip on an end plate or baffle plate for box production. This process is also known as extrusion WHY PERFORM AS A SEPARATE OPERATION ? Tooling for the pierce and raising of holes as part of the end plate production is expensive and dedicated. These machines use low cost tooling, which is flexible in use, and is based on the quick-change principle. This tooling is easily fitted by operators, thus eliminating the need for setters. As[...]



These machines are able to ridgelock a complete multipass assembly in one cycle. This is achieved by loading all the components onto the machine (upto a maximum off four- (4) baffle plates, and four (4) tubes on a (4x4) machine. The cycle is then activated, and the machine ridgelocks all the baffle plate / tube joints in one cycle. Standard 3x3 Multi Ridgelocking machine The standard machine is able to Ridgelock upto a maximum of three (3) tubes to a maximum of three (3) baffle plates. Standard[...]



The Lockseam Casemaking machine has been specifically designed for use in a cellular manufacturing environment. The machine has a small footprint The machine utilizes a simple and easy to change, trolley mounted mandrel. The mandrel is loaded via an interlocked gate, and once the mandrel is installed, and the gate closed, all other setting is carried out at the front panel of the machine. The machine produces high quality, consistent lockseams and all boxes produced are parallel. The unique[...]


[Grossbritannien]Baffle loader

Baffle loading is the process of inserting the internal assembly into a silencer/muffler case. BAFFLE LOADING MACHINE The ETL Baffle Loading Machine is of a vertical configuration, especially suited to cellular manufacture, where floor space is at a premium. The machine is designed to assemble both single and double inserts, dependant on box configurations. Featuring a rapid setting mode, and quick-change tooling ensures minimum down time between product runs, and simplicity of setting[...]


[China]desktop laser engraver LG500

LG500 laser engraver This mini machine is especialy designed for art & crafts engraving industry. This machine adopts imported linear guide, with DSP system control software. The machine has a stable performance and applicable for different industries. It is the ideal choice for non-metal processing industry. Supply with CE certificate, FDA Specification: 1) Engraving area: 500 x 300mm 2) Whole machine size: 1,300 x 660 x 450mm 3) Laser power: 60W 4) Engraving speed:[...]


[China]NTN Bearings

Supply original NTN bearings such as taper roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, spherical ball bearings, thrust ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, auto bearings, pillow block bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, needle bearings, micro-bearings, dental bearings.[...]


[China]Digital Force Gauge

The force gauge has advantages of high precision, easy operation and carry. What's more, it has kinds of testing modes, convenience for conner and it can store and input data to computer for statistical analysis as well as constitutes testers with different functions, combination with test-beds and clamp. Users can input local acceleration of gravity value to make test more precise.[...]


[China]car wash system(sys-501R)

It is suitable for the cleaning, waxing, air drying, and hub cleaning of box cars such as limousine, jeep, and microbus This model is a R series product with complete package cleaning; furthermore, the car can bewashed gently, softly, andeasily. This kind of cleaning system has won multiple internationalpatent technologies and reached the best effect for carwashing; moreover, this kind of producthas good security, stability, and service life.[...]


[China]flat top chain

Straight Running Chains-SINGE HINGE CHAIN And the flat top chain have various items. FLAT TOP CHAIN(PLASTIC) 820/831 STRAIGHT RUN 880WD SIDE FLEXING 880TAB SIDE FLEXING 880Y SIDE FLEXING 880BS SIDE FLEXING 879BS SIDE FLEXING 821 STRAIGHT RUN .These chains are wide used in food ,beverage,pharmaceutical and other industrial fields.[...]


[China]china automatic stirrup bender

diameters with single strand / 6---12mm diameters with double strand / 6---9mm max bending angle /180° Length scope of the stirrup side / 130-----1200mm max pulling speed / 90m/min max bending angle /1000°/sec length tolerance /±1mm bending tolerance /±1° rated electric power /25.5KW overall machine weight /4800kgS Machine size /8500x2600x2580mm payoff /2set /Coils storage, With brake system by compressed air Main machine /1set/ Patented by JAP, as the first inventor[...]