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[China]алмазные пилы, алмазные шлифовальные круги, алмазные сверла

BSC инструментов ООО является завод прямым поставщиком алмазный инструмент для камня и строительной отраслях промышленности. Это включает в себя полную линейку профессиональных алмазные отрезные диски, алмазные бензопилу алмазный сегмент, алмазные коронки, алмазные чашки[...]


[China]plywood construction dolly

--plywood construction --4" PP Wheels --works surface covered by carpet to prevent load from sliding and scratchin --dolly capacity(Lbs) 1000 There are many kinds of dolly. If you are interested in it, please freely contact us![...]



Our hole drills are used in concrete,metal,plastic,glass and marble. M42 bimetal hole drills ,full-grinded high-speed steel hole drills and hard alloy hole drills can drill on metal materials,synthetic steel plates, aluminum plates,plastics and resin plates, within drilling hole diameter 12mm-220mm and single side drilling hole depth 38mm. These products are widely used in industries such as electric switch cabinets,decorating security doors, ship building, environmental protection equipment,[...]


[China]Sandpaper, abrasive paper

Waterproof sandpaper sheet 9' x 11', Stearated latex wood sandpaper 9' x 11', Dry sandpaper sheet 9' x 11'. Backing paper material made from Finland and France, use the first quality abrasives grains to keep good performance of polishing.[...]


[China]mounted stone grinding

Thousands of models to meet different industrial applications. Precision grinding & polishing for bearing industry.[...]


[China]abrasives grains

Brown Fused Alumina, White Fused Alumina, Zirconium Fused Alumina, Pink Fused Alumina, Black Silicon Carbide, Green Silicon Carbide. First quality grade chemical analysis for industrial use.[...]


[China]grinding discs , cutting discs

There are following types for different applications: 1. BA41 type Reinforced Grinding & Cutting discs 2. ZA41 type SLIM REINFORCED GRINDING&CUTTING DISCS 3. SIC41 type Reinforced resin Cutting disc 4. BA27 type Grinding Wheel 5. SIC27 type Grinding Wheel 6.BA42 type Grinding & Cutting discs 7. WA27 type Grinding wheel 8. ZA27 type Grinding wheel 9. Other type of Grinding wheel 10.Straight Cup Wheel;Bowl Type Wheel;Flat Type Wheel[...]


[China]Hoja de sierra de diamante, diamante muela de diamante broca

BSC Tools Co., Ltd es un proveedor directo de fábrica de herramientas de diamante para las industrias de piedra y la construcción. Esto incluye una línea completa de profesionales de diamante hojas de sierra, segmento de diamante de sierra de diamante, brocas de diamante, ruedas de la taza del diamante, tampones para pulir del diamante, alambre del diamante vio, cepillo de diamante, diamante fickert y accesorios. Es nuestra misión proveer herramientas de alta calidad a un precio competitivo,[...]


[China]new spanner,pipe wrench,homeowners bench vise, 2 in 1 wire cutter stripper

new spanner ,2in 1 wire cutter stripper , homeowners bench vise, pipe wrench[...]


[China]coated abrasives

First quality coated abrasives products including: Sandpaper, sanding cloth jumbo rolls, abrasives belts, flap discs, fiber discs, veclro& psa discs.[...]