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[Polen]Kalei nuts, press nuts,insert nuts

We invite you to submit an orders for Kalei nuts![...]


[Polen]Kalei nuts, press nuts,insert nuts

Kalei nuts are producing from cutting steel 11SMnPb30, then surface hardened and galvanized! We also have nuts in stainless steel 1.4305! We invite you to purchase! Loma Poland Sp. with o.o Sp. k.[...]


[Polen]Holzverbinder DMX

Verschiedene Winkelverbinder, Sparrenverbinder, Perforierte Platte und Montagebände, Balken Aufhänger, Eckwinkel, Bauanker und andere Baubeschläge. Holzverbinder dienen für verschiedene Verbindungen, z.B.: holz - holz, holz - beton. Alle Verbinder sind verzinkt und auch zweiseitig versichern durch Feuerzink. Das ist Schutz gegen Korrosion.[...]


[China]Railway Fish Bolt

Standard: TB/T2347-93, AREA, ASTM, ASME B 18.2.1 Specification: Diameter is M20, M22, M24, 3/8"-1-1/8" Length is no limited Grade: 8.8, 10.9, GR2, GR5, GR8 Finish: Black, Zinc plated, Dichromate Application: railway fastening[...]


[China]Railway Screw Spike

Standard: GB10487-89, AREMA, ASTM, A66-87, BS, UIC, and offer specifications required by clients. Specification: 22 by 145mm, 24 by 161mm, 3/4 to 1" by 3-1/ 2 to 7-1/2", 15/15 by 6", Ss5, Ss8, Ss25, Ss36 Grade: Normal and high strength Protection: Plain, Black, Zinc plated, Hot Dip Galvanized Application: railway fastening[...]


[China]Railway Nabla Clip

Zhongbo Manufactures standard clips and non-standard ones from customers. Surface can be plain, hot dip galvanized, zinc plated, dichromate, geomet, black, painted, bitumenous coating or other specified by customers Material mainly 60Si2Mn and 60Si2Cr Hardness Rockwell ranging from 44-48 Dimensions and chemical or mechanical properties exactly made as order Product Name: / Rail Clip Materials: 60Si2Mn,38Si7, 60Si2Cr Protection: Black, painting, dacromet.[...]


[China]Special Nuts

Special Nuts Made of Various Materials (brass,steel or stainless steel, or Nylon,wood).[...]


[China]Plastic strip nails

Located in Shanghai,China. we are the manufacturer of Plastic strip nails: Shank Diameter: 0.083", 0.090", 0.099", 0.113", 0.120", 0.131". Shank Type: Smooth, Ring, Screw. Point: Diamond Point, Blunt Point, Blunt Chisel Point. Length: 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 1 3/4", 2", 2 1/4", 2 1/2", 2 3/7", 3", 3 1/4", 3 1/2", 4". We will offer you products with top quality and competitive prices, welcome your specific inquiry.[...]


[China]Annular Ring Shank Nails

Useful where very strong joints are required. The sharp ridges round the shank become embedded in the wood to give a tight grip.[...]



1)Common round iron wire nails, 2)Square twisted nails, 3)Concrete/cement/masonry nails, 4)Paper strip nails, 5)Coil nails, coil roofing nails, 6)Clout nails, 7)Galv. square boat nails,copper boat nails 8)Roofing nails, 9)Panel pins, 10)Oval nails, 11)Flued nails, 12)Stainless steel nails, 13)Brad nails, 14)Narrow Crown staple, 15)Twisted nails, 16)Ring shank nails, 17)Duplex nails, 18)Annylar thread dyewall nails, 19)Pallet nails, 20)Annylar thread underlay nails, 21)Fence staple, 22)Hardened[...]