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[China]Thermal-insulation Board Ahesive

This product is a kind of high-strength inorganic adhesive specially developed in allusion to the case that common cement cannot be used as the light construction material, polystyrene board. It can substitute various organic cementing agents, lowering greatly the cost of construction. Features and benefits: 1) Firm adhesion, excellent weather, so as to ensure the permanent firmness and adhesion of light construction materials 2) Thin mortar technology adopted, with 1.5 - 3mm thick[...]


[China]Supply FSK(foil-scrim-kraft) facing

Construction: Foil: 7Microns / Polyethylene /Tri-directional Fiberglass Scrim / Kraft 60gsm Applications: FSK Facing is intended for use as an attic, roof, or wall radiant barrier and as a class A insulation facing to block radiant heat coming into house through the roof during the summer and retain indoor heat generated during the winter. Also used as a moisture vapor barrier in air conditioning ductworks and cold rooms. Different sizes are available.[...]


[China]Thermal insulation Alunimum silicate ceramic fiber blanket

1. TEMPERATURE CLASSIFICATION COM alumina silicate swinging fiber blankets 1100 ℃ ST alumina silicate swinging fiber blankets 1260 ℃ HP alumina silicate swinging fiber blankets 1260 ℃ HA alumina silicate swinging fiber blankets 1360 ℃ HAZ alumina silicate swinging fiber blankets 1360 ℃ HZ alumina silicate swinging fiber blankets 1430 ℃ 2. OPERATING TEMPERATURE Operating temperature is determined by using conditions, heating manners and environment[...]


[China]1260C ceramic fiber insulation paper /gasket

1. OPERATION TEMPERATURE 1260 ℃ 2. TECHNICAL FEATURE Low coefficient of heat-conduction ratio Low thermal capacity Thermal shock resistance High quality of flexibility and tear resistance Not contain asbestos, erosion resistance High quality of insulation and sound proof Excellent mechanical processing capability Tough material and high compression resistance 3. PRODUCTION ENGEERING Based on traditional process of paper making and paper machinery, the mechanical[...]


[China]ceramic fiber insulation module,ceramic fiber block

Item COM ST HP HA HAZ HZ Classification Temperature ℃ 1100 1260 1260 1360 1360 1430 Working Temperature ℃ <1000 1050 1100 1200 1200 1350 Density kg/m3 220±15 220±15 220±15 220±15 220±15 220±15 Chemical Composition (%) AL2O3 42-44 45-46 47-49 52-55 45-46 39-40 AL2O3+SIO2 96 97 99 99 - - AL2O3+SIO2 +ZrO2 - - - - 99 99 ZrO2 - - - - 5-7 15-17 Fe2O3 <1.2 <1.0 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 Na2O+K2O ≤0.5 ≤0.5 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 Size(mm) Common[...]



-Single and Double Sided,SPECIALTY,TAPES,FOAMS,FILMS -Sealant BUTYLS,MASTICS,SEALSTRIPS -Metal,Glass,Plastic,Ceramic,Composite SPECIALTY ADHESIVES -Nonstain Surface PROTECTION FILMS - Glass,Teflon,Silicon,Carbon,Ceramic TECHNICAL FABRICS -REFLECTIVE TAPES and STRIPS for Confectionary and Traffic industries[...]


[China]Centrifugal glass wool felt / blanket

Re: Centrifugal glass wool felt / blanket ========================================= -Model: DAHONG glass I -Type: Centrifugal glass wool felt -Description: The centrifugal glass wool felt is a kind of scrolling materials made for the large area laying. It has heat insulation, warm keeping, sound absorption, noise reduction. -Application: The materials can be cut at random according to different requirement. The glass wool felt could be used in the wall of buildings, thermal insulation of[...]


[China]pu concave sound-absorbing foam

feature Sound-absorbing effect is good, function FR,Rohs,svhc Uses Noise reduction Industry Standard GB,BS-5852 or TB117 when the sound waves incident into it, it can cause gaps in the air vibration; the viscous drag due to air friction and pore walls, so that a considerable part of the sound energy into heat energy has been consumed.[...]


[China]supply PVC gypsum board

-Application scope: Widely used in civil and commercial and industrial buildings ceiling systems, partition systems and stick wall system.[...]


[China]supply soundproof material -ceiling material

1) Size(mm): length 300/400/600/900/1200 width:300/400/600/900/1200 2) Thickness(mm):12~20mm 3) Edge: Square, tegular, concealed insertion and shiplap 4) Standard Size: 595*595mm;600*600mm;603*603 5) Minimum order:1000 sqm 6) Styles: Regular, Moisture-proof, Fire-prood, Water-proof Note: specification can be based on our customers needs Function: Fireproof, Moisture-Proof, Sound absorption, Low density and light weight[...]