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[China]Integrative Pressurized Solar Water Heater

Advantages: ◆Highly absorptive with an average daily performance efficiency over 50% ; ◆Quick start-up, heat pipe transfer the heat energy into the storage tank in single direction. ◆Withstand pressure of 0.6 MPa, can be connected directly to city tap water system. ◆No water running inside the evacuated tubes, the water heater can be still in service even with several tubes broken; ◆Highly efficient insulation with polyurethane foam; ◆Simple structure, easy to assembly and install,[...]


[China]Solar Panel's CE , TUV IEC 61215 , IEC 61730

Feature’s 1. high quality guarantee using 125/156 mm high conversion efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells. 2. high performance bypass diodes minimize the power drop caused by shade 3. high transmittance, low iron tempered glass; high performance EVA; a weatherproof back sheet and sandblast electrophorus is aluminum frame extend the application of modules greatly 4. 25-year limited warranty on power output and performance(see quality guarantee) 5. sealed, waterproof, multi-functional[...]


[Polen]Die Leistungstransformatoren (trocken und Öl-Typ)

Wir bieten Transformatoren in drei Gruppen: Unsere Auswahl an Drehstrom Öltransformatoren im Bereich von 50 kVA bis 6000 kVA, mit Spannungen bis zu 33 kV (MV Isolationsklasse 36 kV). Merkmale auf Anfrage: Durch elektrostatische Masseabschirmung und Luftkabelkästen , Silikonöl oder Pflanzenöl und anderes Zubehör. Unsere Auswahl an Drehstrom Dry Typ Gießharztransformatoren im Bereich von 50 kVA bis 3150 kVA, mit Spannungen bis zu 33 kV (MV Isolationsklasse 36 kV). Merkmale auf Anfrage:[...]



[China]1kw horizontal wind turbine (off-grid)

1.Advanced Rotating Tail Design Traditional folding-type tail has the short-comings of easily mechanical wear and low efficiency. Our rotating tail stands for the most advanced Gravity Tail technology in China, which getting rid of the mechanical wear, and which improves the system generating efficiency, and which improves the system service life. 2. Low Rated Wind Speed Low Rated Wind Speed proves that our wind turbines can generate higher output power at low wind speed condition. Low rated[...]


[China]20-120kw Gas Generating Sets

Main specification: Model of generating sets Model of gas engine Rated power(kW/kVA) Rated voltage (V) Rated frequency (Hz) LxBxH(mm) Net weight (kg) {(Starting method: 24VDCelectric starting) (Control method Overall dimension: Automatic/manual control)} 20GFT Q2135DA 20 400/230 50 2460x770x150 1500 40GFT Q4135DA 40 400/230 50 2800x770x1500 1850 60GFT Q6135DA 60 400/230 50 3470x770x1500 2000 80GFT Q6135DR 80 400/230 50 3470x770x1500 2200 120GFT Q6135ZDT 120 400/230 50 2870x958x1680 2200[...]


[China]LPG/CNG/Gas Domestic Generator(2-5 KW)

2-5KW NG/LPG/gasolin generator MODEL: HS2. 0 / HS2. 5/ HS3. 0 /HS4. 0 /HS5. 0 Engine type: "Single cylinder, 4-stroke, forced air cooled" Bore*Stroke (mm): 68*54 /68*54/73*58/82*64/88*64 Displacement(ml): 196/196/270/340/389 Ignition mode: TCI Rated Power: 4. 0/4. 0/4. 7/6. 5/8. 0 Oil capacity (L): 0. 6/0. 6 1. 1/1. 1/1. 1 Fuel type: LGPorCNG Input LPG Pressure: " 0. 028Mpa ~ 0. 05Mpa" Fuel consumption: 0. 34kg/Kw. H GENERATOR Rated frequency(Hz):[...]


[China]Wind power

rated power 300w max power 400w output dc voltage 12v / 24v start wind speed 3m/s rated wind speed 7m/s max wind speed 40m/s[...]


[China]Wind generator

rated power 2kw max power 2.6kw output dc voltage 220-300v start wind speed 3m/s rated wind speed 9m/s max wind speed 40m/s cut-out wind speed none blade pitch control none, fixed pitch overspeed protection auto furl[...]


[China]Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner

Energor Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner is usually the one consumes the most electricity among your home appliances and gadgets. If there is an air conditioner that is able to harness the solar energy, this should help save lots of your electricity bills. Cooling capacity is from 12000BTU to 41000BTU Split wall mounting type is available (Other types are customized) We are a leading manufacturer of renewable energy and energy-saving products,for more details,please refer to our on-line catalogue[...]


[China]Solar street lights

1)Solar Panel: Monocrystallian or Polycrystallian 30Wp(can be ordered according to the user's needs),the life-span is more than 20 years; 2)Working voltage 12V or 24V according to your requirement; 3)Battery: non-maintaining Lead-acid Battery (12 or 24V55Ah– 200 Ah)/Gel Battery 4)Controller: 12V 10Ah Intelligent Controller (single or duel routes output) 5)Luminous flux 900Lm, is equivalent to incandescent lamp 250W 6)Lamp: LED Lamp 12V 30W 7)May choose Lamp pole series 8)Installation space:[...]