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[China]CCA wood preservative

Wood preservative CCA - C is in the world today considered as the widely used water-soluble compound preservative with optimal performance and best effect.Because of its resistence to corrosion, termites, maggot it is widely used in industrial lumber and wooden products such as wooden pole, marine wood, wooden sleeper, cooling tower, wooden pile and other outdoor wooden products. CCA-C wood preservative is kind of claybank concentrated solution with strong anticorrosion ability. I can fix the wood[...]


[China]Iron Oxide Red

Iron Oxide Red 101/110/120/130 Appearance: Red Power Specification: Content: 96% Moisture: 1.0% pH Value: 3.5-8 Oil Absorption: 15-25 Water-soluble Matter: 0.3% 45UM Sieve Residue: 0.2% Tinting strength: 95-105% Density approx/cm3: 5.0-5.1 Iron Oxide Red 190 Appearance: Red Power Specification: Content: 95% Moisture: 1.0% Water-soluble Matter: 0.3% 45UM Sieve Residue: 0.2% pH Value: 3.5-8 Oil Absorption: 15-25 Tinting strength: 95-105% Density approx/cm3: 5.0-5.1[...]


[China]Iron Oxide Yellow

Iron Oxide Yellow Y313 Appearance: Yellow Power Specification: Content: 86% Moisture: 1.0% Water-soluble Matter: 0.3% 45UM Sieve Residue: 0.3% pH Value: 3.5-7 Oil Absorption: 25-35 Tinting strength: 95-105% Density approx/cm3: 4.0-4.3[...]


[Spanien]Aliphatic Polyurethane (2 comp)

Description: Two-components acrylic enamel, catalyzed by aliphatic isocyanate hardener Uses: High quality finish For aggressive evironments and for those applications where a high quality finish is required. Suitable for repainting polyester swimming pools. Properties: Permanent resistance to weathering. Ultra-violet radiation resistant. Recommended for acid and corrosive environments. Allows non-permanent contact with solvents and fuels. Excellent colour and gloss retention. No yellowing.[...]


[Spanien]Thick Coat Dielectric Polyurethane (2 Comp)

Description: Polyurethane coating without solvents for application in a thick coat. It has very high flexibility, which it maintains indefinitely. Uses: Exterior coating of buried tanks, pipes and water reservoirs. In the industrial field, for protecting surfaces exposed to attack by aggressive chemical products (wastewater, alkaline or acid aqueous solutions). On concrete, its application provides high surface hardness and good waterproofing, and it seals cracks. Properties: High[...]


[China]Pigment Red 57:1

quality organic pigment used in printing inks, plastics and paints[...]


[Türkei]Turksan 3K silicone interrior&exterrior

Styren acrylic kopolymer based,waterbased, silicone additive, cleanable matt topcoat wall paint both interrior and exterrior applications can be used security as protective and decorative density:1,65-1,70 stiff subtance:%60-65 brigtness:matt We also produce below items waterbased interrior&exterrior paints satin paint synthetic paint primer paint road marking paint, anticorrosive paint coating adhesive warnish group industry paint group[...]


[China]Photoluminescent products

This pigment is a new type of long after-glow photoluminescent pigment. Free from any radioactive substance and toxicity and with strong capability of absorbing-storing-emitting light, the pigment can glow in the dark automatically for several hours after absorbing varieties of visible lights for 10-30 minutes. Being on kind of additives, it can be added in many medium, such as coat, paint, ink, plastic, ceramics, glass etc. Those luminous products applied of this pigment show good effects in illumination,[...]


[China]Chromium Oxide Green for paint pigment Cosmetic Abrasive Metallurgical Construction

Chromium Oxide Green for paint pigment Cosmetic Abrasive Metallurgical Construction 1.Brief introduction It is cubic crystal system or amorphous powder, olive green, which has metallic luster. its gravity is 5.21 g/cm3, melting point is 2,266±25ºC and boiling point is 4,000ºC. It can not dissolve in water and acidic solution, but it can dissolve in the solution of alkali metallic bromate. It is very stable to light, atmosphere, high temperature and corrosive gas (SO2, H2S etc.) It has high[...]


[China]Sell Cadmium oxide

Cadmium-nickel battery materials: Cadmium oxide, sponge cadmium, cadmium powder, and so on. cadmium oxide Specifications: Molecular formula cdo client Elements unit typical value 1 cd % more than 87.2% 2 pb % less than 0.004% 3 cu % less than 0.001% 4 tl % less than 0.003% 5 fe % less than 0.002% 6 zn % less than 0.002% Term unit typical 1 specific surface area m2/g 2.4-3.0 1.7-2.4 less than 1.65 2 tap density g/cm3 0.30-0.50 3 pressed density g/cm3 1.45-1.65 3 the[...]