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[Polen]Hydraulikpumpen, Hydraulikmotore, Radialkolbenmotore, Zahnradpumpen, Flügelzellenpumpen, Getrieben

Wir sind ein deutsch-polnisches Unternehmen, das sich unter anderem mit dem Verkauf von hochwertigen Ersatzteilen namhafter Produkthersteller befasst. Im Mittelpunkt unserer Handelstätigkeit steht der Verkauf der Ersatzteile sowie komplette Hydraulikeinheiten für der Mobil- und Industriehydraulik. Wir spezialisieren uns unter anderem im Verkauf der Hydraulikpumpen, Drehwerksgetrieben sowie der Motoren von LINDE, SAUER, KAWASAKI, VICKERS, NACHI, POCLAIN und REXROTH. Auch für Wartungen und Reparatur[...]


[China]Stud bolt(astm a193 B7 a320 L7)

Stud bolt (assembly with compatible nuts or washers) Dia. :1/2" ~ 4" Length :4" ~ 235"(normally 12 feet) Material/Grade: Astm A193 B7,B8,B8M; Astm A320 L7, B8,B8M; Surface treatment: plain, black oxygenation, black phosphated, zinc plated, etc.[...]


[China]Stainless steel Hex bolt Heavy hex bolt(A2-70,A4-80,ASTM A193 B8,B8M)

Stainless steel Hex bolt Heavy hex bolt Standard:DIN931 DIN933 DIN558 DIN601 DIN960 DIN961 DIN7990 ISO4014 ISO4017 ASME B18.2.1 IFI C-10(A10) IFI C-6( A6 ) Dia.: M12-M64;1/2" ~ 2 1/2" Length:20 mm-1000mm; 3/4"-40" Material/Grade: Grade A2-70, A4-80; ASTM A193 B8, B8M; ASTM A320 B8, B8M Surface treatment: polishing, passivation, etc.[...]


[China]Spinning rotor for Schlafhorst Autocoro SE7/8, SE9/10

Coating: Diamange coating Type: 331---346 Groove: T, U, G, S Working life: 20,000 hours for standard pure material.[...]


[China]Ball Screw

Rolled Ball Screw Shaft Ground Ball Screw Shaft Accuracy Grade: C3 to C7 Nominal Diameter : 12mm to 100mm Miniature Ballscrew - Diameter: 4mm to 12mm Option of Single or Double Flanged nuts Axial play/ Preload Internal Recirculation / External Tubes Circulation type nuts[...]


[China]Spinning rotor for Rieter R1/R20(117)

Coating: Diamante coating Diameter: 28mm—56mm Groove: S, N, DII, R Working life: 20,000 hours for standard pure material. for machine: Rieter RU11, RU14, R1, R20, etc.[...]



We are a big factory in the chin, Shandong Camelry Bearings Science & Technology Co., Ltd. We mainly produce the bearings as follows: 1. Spherical roller bearings, Internal structure (E, CC, CA, E1, MB, EAE4, CAME4, EAS. M, BS, and so on) 2. CARB toroidal roller bearings 3. Thrust spherical roller bearings, Internal structure ( E, EM ) 4. Cylindrical roller bearings(NU, N, NUP, NJ, NNU, NN series), Internal structure (EC, EW, EM, M, MA, MA, ML, MP, MR and so on) 5. Full[...]


[China]Miniature Ball Screw

•Nominal diameter 6 to 12 mm •Lead 1 to 20 mm •Cylindrical nut with threaded end : easy mounting •Better nut geometry •Less sensitive to misalignment •Excellent repeatability: high positioning quality •Internal recirculation with inserts: smoother running, good backdriving and improved security •Higher dynamic load capacities •Greatly reduced noise •Corrosion resistant screw shaft available on request[...]


[China]Lead Screw

Pitch: 0.5-12mm; Lead: 0.5-24mm Single Start or Multiple Starts Material can be Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Heat Treated Alloy Steels, Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloys, Titanium, Brass, Aluminum etc. Nominal Diameter from 4mm to 100mm Miniature Lead Screw Rod - Diameter: 4mm to 12mm Max Length from 1200mm to 3600mm Trapezoidal, Acme, V (triangle), Square Thread, Worms, Non-standard Thread, etc. are all available upon request Lead Accuracy Grade: C3-C7[...]


[China]Linear Guideways

Extremely Low friction. Capacity of zero clearance motion, raising rigidity of the mechanical system. Using double guides assembly, error homogenization effect can be attained, processing accuracy requirements can be lowered and cost of manufacture can be saved. Suitable ratio of radius groove of raceway sectional plane assured that contact force turns small and carrying capacity and rigidity could be also raised greatly. Value of rolling friction is less than that of double-arc raceway.[...]