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[China]ceramic fiber series

We can supply ceramic fiber series including bulk fiber, blanket,board,paper,felt,module and other shapes as ruquested with classification temps celsius 1260 ,1430 1600[...]


[China]supply mineral fiber ceiling board

Jinzhou Tianyuan Mineral Wool Board Factory is a manufacturer which specialized in mineral wool ceiling.As the same time we can supply gypsum board ,ceiling board ,fiber cement board,ceiling grids ,etc building decoration material.[...]


[China]fiberglass mesh 145g/m2

LUNUT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Email: mob.:+86 18818862508 QQ:8978208 SKYPE:vanessa.lunut LUNUT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Email: mob.:+86 18818862508 QQ:767821898 SKYPE:vanessa.lunut WE are one of the most important and professional fiberglass manufacturer in China,our company was established in 1996.WE have more than 15 years experience of producing the[...]


[China]export Building materials

PRODUCT ATRRIBUTES: 1. Material: Wet-formed mineral fiber 2. Suface: Factory-applied latex paint 3. Colour: white/black 4. Light Reflectamnce: Minimum LR 0.83* 5. Edge detail: square, tegular, concealed, shiplap, liner shiplap.. 6. NRC: 0.55* 7. CAC: Minimum:33* 8. Surface Building Characteristics: Class A GB8624-1999 9. RH ≥80%[...]


[China]Ceiling T-bar

Ceiling T-bar Ceiling T-bar is made from hot dipped galvanized steel, pressed to T shape after cooling, baked paint on surface finish. Product advantage: 1. High grade galvanized steel as main material, non-deforming, fadeless, moisture proof and anti-corrosive. 2. Strong close fitting, high symmetry 3. High load capacity 4. Easy and fast installation, save installing time and labor cost 5. Large production line and strict product inspection, larger quantity and better quality are available[...]


[Taiwan]Yute Ceiling Board

Combine our professional skills with the applied experience of Everite in worldwide, we provide our customers with the best engineering service and consulting. Our main products include Calcium Silicate board, Fiber Cement board and Gypsum board which are suitable for every kind of buildings and residences. >>>Physical Property Density 1350kg/cm3 ISO 8336-1993 Water Absorption 28.1% ASTM C1185 Moisture Content 2.53%[...]


[China]Silicone rubber compound fiberglass cloth

1. scope of application Silicon rubber is a kind of fluorine macromolecule elasticity shell, which has the performance of fine high temperature-resistance and insulation and longtime aging-resistance. After compounded with fiberglass, it is a kind of high function, useful and new material. 2. Characteristics It has special characteristic, such as high temperature-resistance, ventilate-resistance, and fine high temperature-resistance, and it is very soft and tenacious, so it can apply in[...]


[China]Aluminum Foil Compound Cloth

1.By applying uniquely advanced compound processing and using fiberglass as the base cloth and special fire-resistant adhesive agent, our product has the excellent properties such as the smooth surface on the aluminum foil, strong light reflection, good stretching resistance in length and breadth, non-breath ability, non-breath ability, non-water permeability, good hermetic and weather resistance. 2.This cloth is mainly used for thermal insulating materials of the steam heating pipelines,[...]


[China]Fibreglass Cloth

.The glass fiber is an engineerig material, which has the excellent merit such as anti-burns, anti-corrosion, heat-isolation, stable-size, minimum elongated shrinkage, high intensity, this new material product has already covered many domains such as electric appliance, electronic, transportation, chemical engineering, architectural engineering, heat insulation, sound absorption, fire prevention and environmental protection, etc.[...]


[China]calcium silicate board

Main size: 1220 x 2440 x 4-20mm Calcium silicate board is a high-grade material with cement, quartz, natural and selected minerals as the main raw materials. It is fire-proof and earthquake proof.It is widely used for partitioning buildings. Conveyance: Sizes: (1)1220 x 2440 x 1110mm3.63MT/pallet (2) 890 x 2440 x 1400mm 3.02MT'/pallet Weight: 2900kg/pallet Min Order Quantity:1 x 20'FCL Payment Term:L/C at sight Delivery Time:Deliver the goods within 30 days after the receipt L/C. Price Term: CIF,[...]